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Although the firm handles all aspects of litigation and legal consultancy, we specialize in the following areas:

  • Arbitration

    We are experienced arbitrators who not only understand the huge benefits that arbitration can bring to a commercial dispute, but also when it is (and, equally important, when it is not) an appropriate course of action.  We are able to conduct both domestic and international arbitration and strive to advise clients on a commercially aware basis, examining all of the aspects of an individual case in order to determine the most effective (and fastest) resolution to a dispute.

    Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution which permits parties to settle a dispute outside the court system.  Parties submit to an agreed impartial adjudicator whose decision in their dispute is binding.

    The Advantages of Arbitration

    • Agreed adjudicator will be an expert in the field of dispute and will have sufficient expertise to make an informed judgment;
    • Cost effective solution which is often significantly cheaper than court action;
    • Speedier than pursuing action through traditional litigation;
    • Flexibility for businesses;
    • Confidentiality can be retained as there is no requirement for arbitrary award to be public;

    Cyprus as a Venue for Arbitration

    Cyprus is a wise choice of venue for any international arbitration.  Geographically easy to access the location of the island makes it perfect for settlement of international disputes.  Highly experienced experts are on hand to act as adjudicators in arbitration and the entire process is underpinned by an efficient infrastructure which comprises a multi-lingual, educated, work force experienced in the latest technological methods of operation.  A host of highest quality venues are at the disposal of the parties.

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  • Banking and Finance

    We believe in a commercially focused, pragmatic, approach to advising our banking and finance clients and sound market knowledge underlies all of the guidance we give.  We consider that identifying issues early on is key to providing our clients with efficient, reliable and practical legal advice based upon astute commercial awareness.

    Our expertise spans a variety banking and finance issues.  We have acted for a number of leading lenders and we are able to advise companies of all types on their dealings with lenders.   We also advise a variety of corporations (international corporations, family businesses, charities, trusts and developers) on all aspects of their relationships with lending entities.

    We advise on the following matters:

    • Corporate lending;
    • Asset/property finance;
    • Project finance;
    • Corporate debt management;
    • Corporate banking;
    • Property acquisition and investment;
    • Insolvency;
    • Restructuring;
    • Through a network of contacts we are also able to assist in raising finance.

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  • Commercial Law

    Our commercial practice has been designed to provide unequivocal legal solutions to the most challenging legal and business transactions in today’s fiercely competitive environment. The increasingly cross-border nature of transactions and the rising complexity of commercial ventures mean that legal support that can ensure your best interests are safeguarded through clear, practical and viable legal solutions is an imperative aspect of how you do business. From contract drafting and management to due diligence and execution, our commercial transactions legal services ensure legal relationships created enhance profitability and eliminate legal risk.

    Our legal services address the following legal relationships and the legal documentation to create, support and extend these:

    • joint venture agreements and transactions
    • mergers and acquisitions
    • shareholders’ agreements
    • private equity transactions
    • financing transactions, including venture-capital financing
    • distribution and agency
    • franchising
    • supply of goods or services
    • outsourcing
    • manufacturing
    • transportation and shipping
    • infrastructure projects finance and transactions
    • licensing and assignment transactions
    • advertising and marketing
    • commercial real estate development, purchases and disposals

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  • Criminal Law

    What is Criminal Law?

    Criminal law is a branch of law which concerns crimes which are committed against the public authority. It is distinct from civil law, which involves crimes which people commit against each other, not not necessarily against the public as a whole. Murder, for example, is covered under criminal law, because although there is a specific victim, murder in general runs against the interests of the public. By contrast, if someone fails to honor a contract, this is a matter for civil law.

    Substantive criminal law deals with the definitions of various crimes which are covered by the criminal code, while procedural criminal law is concerned with the prosecution of said crimes. Procedural law may also include sentencing recommendations which are designed to be used in the event that a victim is convicted of committing a crime. Under many criminal codes, convictions can only be obtained when the prosecution proves beyond a resonable doubt that the accused did indeed commit the crime.

    Three broad types of crimes appear in the criminal code: misdemeanors, felonies, and treason. Treason is of particular concern because it not only violates the public interest, but also threatens national security and the welfare of the nation itself, which is why treason is accompanied with such severe penalties. Misdemeanors are relatively minor crimes under criminal law, while felonies are more serious crimes which may accompanied with severe mandatory sentences.

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  • Contract Law

    We knows that contractual relationships are at the heart of any business.  We have vast experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating a huge variety of commercial contracts from a wide field of businesses in terms of both size and industry.

    We combine detailed technical legal know-how with an understanding of commercial reality striving to give clients practical and workable solutions to their contractual issues.  We never lose sight of the commercial reality behind your business needs and offer advice which takes into account every aspect of a contractual relationship.  We know the pressures our client businesses face and aim to provide coherent and timely advice, not just once, but every time you instruct us.

    Our team is experienced in drafting, reviewing and negotiating:

    • Agency Agreements;
    • Distribution Agreements;
    • Supply Agreements;
    • Collaboration Agreements;
    • Franchise Agreements;
    • Terms and Conditions of Business;
    • Service Level Agreements;
    • Confidentiality Agreements;
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements;
    • Employment Contracts;
    • Shareholder Agreements;
    • Partnership Agreements;
    • Complex Commercial Contracts;

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  • e-Commerce Law

    Today, electronic means play an important role in our everyday life, as a lot of transactions are carried forward daily by online consumers through the internet. In numerous occasions, online consumers have complained about the bad experiences they have had while purchasing goods online, whilst website owners try to exclude themselves from any liability by inserting small lettered exclusion clauses on their websites.

    It is extremely important for website owners to be aware of internet legislation, particularly since they are trading and operating within the EU and many times internationally. That is why they have to include on their websites specific and complete information about their products and services, their delivery methods, their payment options etc. The online consumer has rights and EU law is making sure to provide them with those rights. 

    Our Firm can provide website owners careful legal advice and provide them with all the legal documents they will have to display on their websites, such as the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies and Disclaimer documents. Data Protection, Copyrights and Trademark registering are extremely important as well, not only in terms of their corporate ID but also in order to comply with the law.

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  • Employment Law

    What is employment law?

    Employment law involves employment discrimination litigation, including claims of race, sex, age, and disability discrimination. In my practice, I defend employers in litigation before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, and in state and federal court proceedings. Other types of employment litigation include wage and hour cases, cases involving misappropriation of trade secrets, and suits to enforce Non-Competition Agreements.

    Another large component of an employment law practice includes counseling employers in all aspects of the employment relationship, from hiring through termination. In that respect, I advise employers on the following issues:

    • workplace harassment
    • disability accommodation
    • family & medical leave act complianc
    • employee handbooks
    • human resource policies and practices
    • wage and hour issues
    • workplace investigations
    • drug and alcohol testing
    • disciplinary action and termination
    • reductions in force
    • employment at-will/wrongful discharge
    • employment agreements
    • restrictive covenants and confidentiality agreements
    • severance agreements
    • waivers and releases
    • unemployment compensation claims

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  • Family Law

    Family law, more often than not, raises highly emotional issues for any client.  The goal of our team is to reduce the strain on the client by providing a reliable service in which our client has absolute confidence.  We understand that family law matters are highly sensitive in nature, often emotive and we handle all such matters with prudence and care offering first class legal advice which is considerate and effective.

    We apply an approach of creative problem solving to our client’s family law claims, striving to seek solutions which are successful and represent value for money for our client.  We maintain absolute confidentiality over any matter, or potential matter, discussed with us and our clients can have total confidence in our discretion.  We are experienced and able to advise both Cypriot and expatriate clients on their family law issues.

    We can advise clients on the following matters:

    • Adoption
    • Access to children
    • Divorce proceedings
    • Separation
    • Cohabitation
    • Complex financial issues

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  • Insurances

    According to the law the insurance companies can carry out either general insurance business or life business.

    The classification of risks under general business includes, inter alia, the classes of Accident, Insurance, Motor Insurance, Aircraft, Marine (hull and cargo), Fire Insurance, Liability Insurance, Loss of Profit etc and the classification of Risks under Life Insurance includes, inter alia, the classes of Life Insurance, Health Insurance and Others.

    Motor Insurance and Liability Insurance are the only kinds of insurance for which cover is compulsory by law.

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  • Immovable Property

    Under the Cyprus 'Immovable Property Tax' laws all property owners, regardless of whether they're resident in Cyprus or not, are liable to pay an annual tax based on the total value of all the immovable property registered in their name.

    Cyprus' property tax is calculated on the market value of the property as at 1st January 1980 and is paid annually the Inland Revenue Department.

    Individual owners are exempt from this tax if the 1980 value of their property is less than €170,860. As a result, you are extremely unlikely to pay (unless you have bought property valued in millions at today's prices). The tax is payable on the 30th of September of each year. Natural and Legal persons are both liable to this tax.

    The purchase of property is one of the biggest investments that an individual or a company can make.  Our team acts in both commercial and residential property transactions and offers a comprehensive, personal service of excellence, reflecting the scale of the investment our clients are making.

    Whether we are acting for a seller or a purchaser, at the core of our property services is a professionalism which permeates every aspect of advice we give to our clients.  We understand that a client needs to know that the title to their future purchase has been fully investigated, he/she needs to know that the advice he/she is receiving is fully independent and we offer clients an unrivalled level of professional service which embraces every aspect of the property purchase process.

    We also comprehend a client’s need to be kept informed and remain in touch with our clients every step of the way through a property transaction, ensuring they are fully appraised and content with progress.

    We are able to assist clients on a variety of real estate matters, including:

    • Purchase and sale of residential property
    • Purchase and sale of commercial property
    • Landlord and tenant
    • Remortgaging
    • Property transfer
    • Property disputes
    • Property tax issues

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  • Litigation & Disputes

    When business disputes occur, it is essential to identify legal advisors who have the right experience and capability to deal with all the potential issues that may arise. The huge growth in globalised business is associated with a greater scope for complex cross-border disputes. Increasingly, companies need legal advisors who can work effectively and efficiently on both a national and international basis.

    C.P. Ioannou LLC has the leading commercial litigation practice in Cyprus. We represent clients involved in a wide range of complex national and international commercial disputes. Our practice has extensive experience in the following areas of litigation:

    • Regulatory
    • Competition/Anti-trust
    • Fraud & Asset Recovery
    • Insurance
    • Pensions
    • Product liability
    • Securities & Corporate
    • Tax
    • Property
    • Construction and IT

    We have a distinguished alternative dispute resolution and international arbitration practice. In all matters, our practice is committed to providing clients with a swift and practical service that is focused on achieving our client's objective in a cost-effective manner.

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  • International TAX planning

    Cyprus has moulded itself as a highly advantageous venue for international business activity offering clients a tax efficient system in an unrivalled location within which to undertake international operations.  The island not only boasts a highly advantageous tax setting but also the infrastructure to support such operations to the highest level.

    We are highly experienced in dealing with international tax planning matters.  We offer forward-thinking and practical solutions to the tax queries presented by clients. We believe in developing tax strategies for our clients which are both innovative and sophisticated in their approach.  We are able to offer both domestic and international tax planning tactics for clients and have developed an enviable portfolio of international tax connections enabling us to coordinate advice to clients across a wide range of jurisdictions.  Our specialist lawyers are creative, knowledgeable and dedicated to providing clients with effective solutions to international tax planning.

    We are able to assist clients with the following matters:

    • Strategic tax planning
    • Trusts
    • Incorporation of companies in Cyprus and other jurisdictions
    • Restructuring groups for tax efficiency
    • Application of double tax treaties
    • Offshore trusts
    • Offshore partnerships
    • Domicile
    • Tax litigation
    • Tax implications of merger and acquisitions
    • ax implications of joint ventures

    We have a distinguished alternative dispute resolution and international arbitration practice. In all matters, our practice is committed to providing clients with a swift and practical service that is focused on achieving our client's objective in a cost-effective manner.

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  • Trust & Succession

    It is a common misconception in Cyprus that no person can make a will to deal with their assets when they die.  In fact capacity to make a will depends upon country of birth and certain categories of individual are able to dispose of their assets by will.  The assets of those who cannot make a will pass by “forced heirship” rules which divide the estate into two portions:  one of which can be passed by a will and the other of which passes according to the law.  It should be remembered that with careful planning even those assets which are due to pass according to the forced heirship rules can be passed according to an individual’s personal wishes through alternative estate planning mechanisms such as gifts and trusts.

    We can offer professional advice on estate planning for Cypriot assets to individuals of any nationality.  We offer straight forward and carefully considered advice which allows a client to ensure that his/her wishes are fulfilled and that his/her loved ones are protected.  We are able to assist in probate matters and can arrange the resealing in Cyprus of Wills executed in certain other jurisdictions.

    We give comprehensive advice on:

    • Succession
    • Wills
    • Trusts
    • Gifts
    • Probate
    • Resealing
    • Powers of attornery
    • Tax planning

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